The trouble with wearing what you want

Wearing what you love can be a struggle. I happen to adore clothing that is outdated or from other parts of the world. I’m caught between wearing what I want and being taken seriously outside my home. Actually, they laugh at me there too…

Case in point: Two years ago I impulsively purchased a sari with no occasion to wear it. Since then, it has tragically remained in the bottom of my dresser. Not planning ahead can quickly backfire.

Fortunately, I have learned my lesson. Sort of. Now, I am careful to ask myself hard questions like, ‘would I be able to actually wear this?’

The goal is to still wear the clothing you enjoy while looking professional. In my experience, the best way to do this is using accessories and/or more subtle versions of the styles you adore.

In the case of the sari, it would have been wiser for me to purchase a less jarring clothing item, like a kameez in muted colors. A kameez is a beautiful style that can be toned down and worn to the office. In my opinion, it’s no fun having beautiful clothing you can’t wear to work or around town, without causing problems.

Yes, ignoring fashion norms can be fun and I think there is a place for expressive outfits. However, people form opinions based on what you wear, especially first impressions. I think there are ways to blend the two extremes in creative and professional styles and that should be the ideal.