5 Suspender Outfit Ideas for Women

Classy, slimming and dramatic. I love wearing suspenders with oxfords, skinny jeans and a hat of some sort. The end result is a comfortable and polished outfit.

Suspenders as we know them, originated in the 1820s,  with Albert Thurston a British designer, according to Time magazine. They were used to hold up high-waisted pants that could not be belted.

Today, suspenders often have nothing to do with holding pants up. Now suspenders are  fashion accessories and there are thousands of ways to wear them.

  1. Black and White Contrast


I love this combination from the blog powermovesandpumps. The white outfit really makes the suspenders pop.


2. Striped Trousers


This one from Free People’s 2013 catalogue has a more casual look to it.


3. Unique Button Downs


The unique button-down top gives this outfit even more of a unique flare. From Rachel Iwanyszyn on Fashion Indie.


4. Suspenders with Necktie


Not only does this outfit from German designer Lena Hoschek’s A/W 2010 collection have a unique top, the suspenders are also pared with an eye catching tie. It’s a little too much for my tastes but a good idea.


5. Suspenders with Skirts


Suspenders can also be a nice finishing touch for a skirt. This outfit comes from Stasha Fashion and demonstrates more great use of black and white contrast.


I hope this gives you some ideas for outfits! There are so many different ways to wear suspenders, get creative and come up with some combinations of your own.

Good luck!


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